Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney (Guardianship/Medical/Financial/General)

Powers of Attorney

At Cyngler Kaye Levy Lawyers we assist our clients to protect their interests and affairs for life’s future events.

A Power of Attorney is a simple document to have prepared and executed, but can have an immeasurable and timely impact on the ability to deal with someone else’s affairs, often at a critical time. The consequence of not having a Power of Attorney to fall back on at a critical time can often be incalculable.

If you require someone else to act on your behalf you will need to have a Power of Attorney.

What are the 4 main types of Powers of Attorney?

  1. Enduring Medical Power of Attorney
  2. Enduring Financial Power of Attorney
  3. Enduring Power of Guardianship
  4. General Power of Attorney

Each Power of Attorney is used under different circumstances.

You may, for example, want someone else to bid at Auction on a house on your behalf. In this circumstance you would require a General Power of Attorney that expires after the auction has occurred.

It is sensible for a married couple to give each other a set of Powers of Attorney so that either party can continue to manage the household if one becomes incapacitated.

Adult children of elderly parents are advised to organise a set of Powers of Attorney for their elderly parents whilst their parents still have capacity to understand and sign a legal document. Once the elderly person loses capacity, the only way for the adult children to gain control of their parent’s affairs is to make a full application to VCAT for Guardianship. For more information please see our Elder Law section.

Our experienced Estate Planning Lawyers can advise you on the best type of Power of Attorney for your situation.

 Old Powers of Attorney

If you have an old Power of Attorney that has not expired, it may need to be reviewed or revoked.

Never leave a Power of Attorney in force if it is not needed.

We can prepare the necessary Revocation of Power of Attorney if it is required.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Probate & Estate Lawyers on +61 3 9500 1722, request a cost estimate or email an enquiry.

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