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The breakup of a marriage and ultimate divorce is a complex process. At CKL Lawyers we endeavour to guide you smoothly through this difficult time.
Our caring and experienced Family Lawyers can assist you with many aspects of Family Law:

  • Divorce
  • De facto
  • Property settlement
  • Property and spousal maintenance
  • Binding Financial Agreements

Dividing property and property rights is often one of the most challenging aspects of a marriage break up.

We offer a free, 30 minute, no obligation, confidential chat with one of our Divorce Lawyers to discuss your matter. Call us on 03 9500 1722 to get started.

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Have you been living apart for 12 months or more?

We can assist you to finalise the separation by getting a divorce.
It doesn’t matter if you have been living separately under the same roof, you can still satisfy the requirements to obtain a divorce order.

What do our Divorce Services include:

  • Advising you on what are the minimum requirements for getting a divorce
  • Preparing documents for the court including, parenting orders, affidavits and witness statements
  • Preparing the Divorce Application, and lodging it with the court
    Serving your spouse with the Divorce Application, if it’s not a joint application
  • Responding to, or opposing, a Divorce Application
  • Representing you in the Family Court

Divorce: How do you get started?

When is the best time to get advice from a Family Lawyer?
If you are thinking of leaving your partner, should you see a Lawyer now, or wait until you have left?
As with anything in life, it is always best to prepare beforehand. If you are considering separating, whether married or in a de facto relationship (at least 2 years of cohabitation), you can ask one of our caring and experienced Family Lawyers for legal advice first, so that you clearly know your rights, obligations, responsibilities, and entitlements at this difficult time.

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There are many things that affect your obligations and entitlements after a relationship breakdown

You can ask our Divorce Lawyers how any of these questions affect you:

  • Whether you were married or in a de facto relationship?
  • When did you begin to cohabit?
  • If you have separated already, when did that occur?
  • Are there any children from the relationship? What are the current arrangements for their care?
  • How old are each of your children?
  • What assets and debts did you and your spouse each bring to the relationship?
  • What property do you and your spouse currently own. What is the approximate value of that property?
  • What superannuation do you and your spouse each have?
  • What are you and your spouse’s business debts, mortgages, credit cards and personal loans?
  • Do you have any corporate or trust structures?
  • What is your average income and your spouse’s average income?
  • Do you have a legally binding prenuptial or Binding Financial Agreement?

Further issues to consider and discuss with our Family Lawyers, when you are considering a divorce, include:

  • Superfund: Who is the nominated beneficiary?
  • Will: Do you need to change anything in your Will?
  • Power of Attorney: Do you need to change anything in your Enduring Power of Attorney?
  • Matrimonial Property: Do you still have time to sort out your matrimonial property if you are already divorced?
  • BFA: Does your Binding Financial Agreement affect your divorce property settlement?
  • Are you a beneficiary, trustee or appointor of a trust?
  • Are you an officeholder (a director or secretary) of a company?
  • Are you a shareholder of a company?
  • Have you given a guarantee to anyone that may need to be released?
  • What rights do you or your spouse have, for access to your children?
  • We can advise on all of the above issues. Contact the best Divorce Lawyers Melbourne has to offer for a confidential, no obligation chat.

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