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Litigation in the Australian court system is adversarial in nature. That means there is a contested hearing where the parties present their opposing positions to the Court.

This can be a lengthy and expensive process.

The alternative to litigation is Mediation. It works in tandem rather than in opposition to the Court system. It is a solution which the Courts support positively. 

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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process of dispute resolution in which the mediator is neutral and independent.
A Mediation can be held at any time suitable to the parties.
Mediators can be qualified lawyers, non-lawyers or Court staff.

The mediator brings the parties together face-to-face in a private and confidential setting.
The parties inform the mediator of their objectives and the mediator tries to explore options with the parties and search out areas of agreement.

These options are generally broader than the ones that a Court can consider.
The mediator does not impose a decision, and any information he or she gains during the Mediation remains entirely confidential.

Mediation FAQs


Q. Why have a Mediation?
Litigation can be costly, time-consuming, and not without risk. Mediation provides the parties with the opportunity to control the outcome at less cost.

What happens if your Mediation is successful and you both agree to terms?

If the parties are able to resolve their dispute through Mediation, a settlement Deed is drawn up, signed by the parties, and the court action ends.

Our Mediation Lawyers Melbourne can draw up the necessary paperwork.

Q. Who pays for Mediation?
The parties share the costs of the mediator.

Talk to us about the likely costs of Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options, and the way in which this would compare with the cost of a trial. Generally, Mediation is a cheaper and faster method of dispute resolution than litigation.

Q. What happens if you can’t resolve the matter at Mediation?

At CKL Lawyers, our experienced Mediation Lawyers in Melbourne have successfully mediated for many of our clients over more than 35 years.
Mediation and Conciliation are cost effective ways of resolving your dispute. Court matters often take much time, money and distress before your matter is ready for trial.

If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, we have the experience and expertise to advise and represent clients in the formal process of litigation.

We are experienced litigation lawyers in both State & Federal jurisdictions. See our Civil Litigation section for more details.

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