Commercial, Retail and Industrial Leases

Commercial Lease Lawyer

What is a Commercial Lease?

How can an Accredited Specialist Commercial Lease Lawyer help?

A Commercial Tenancy Lawyer advises on Commercial, Retail, and Industrial leases. Whether you are a Landlord (Lessor) or Tenant (Lessee), getting sound legal advice is critical to owning a property or leasing a premises for your business.

For Lessors, if you are leasing a commercial property, using a Specialist Commercial Lease Lawyer will ensure your building or property is leased in the most advantageous manner.

For Lessees, using a Specialist Commercial Tenancy Lawyer will ensure you negotiate the best terms to lease the premises.

Whether you are the lessor or lessee, our commercial lease lawyer can help you with:

  • Retail leases
  • Factory leases
  • Office leases
  • Warehouse leases
  • Commercial leases

Whatever your situation, you can get straight forward and clear advice from Jack Cyngler, Accredited Specialist, Commercial Tenancy Law Lawyer.

Why use our Accredited Specialist Commerical Lease Solicitor?

At CKL Lawyers, we are specialists in all areas of Commercial Tenancy Law.

Jack Cyngler is one of only 12 Lawyers to be accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) as a Specialist in the field of Commercial Tenancy Law.

As a Specialist Commercial Lease Lawyer, he is also a member of the LIV Leases Committee, a committee that advises the government on Tenancy Law.

So, by engaging Jack Cyngler, you are getting the very best commercial, retail & industrial tenancy Law advice in Victoria.

What Is An Accredited Specialist?
  • An Accredited Specialist is a lawyer recognised as having expertise in a particular area of law by the Law Institute of Victoria.
  • An Accredited Specialist must have at least five years’ full-time practice experience and at least three years’ experience in their area of specialisation;
  • An Accredited Specialist must maintain a high degree of professional development in their area of specialisation, which involves the continual development of their skills;
  • An Accredited Specialist must pass a comprehensive assessment testing technical knowledge, writing and practical interview or advocacy skills.
  • An Accredited Specialist is required to apply for re-accreditation every three years, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.
Jack Cyngler - CKL Lawyers
Our Approach

Our Approach To Commercial Lease Law

We take the time to listen to you, and discuss your situation.
Because everyone’s situation is different, our advice is specific to you and your situation.

Jack Cyngler is ready to assist with all areas of Commercial Lease Law.

Whether it is to assist you in pre-contract negotiations, prepare the necessary lease documents, or advise and take action if there is a dispute, you can be assured of receiving specialist Commercial Lease advice.


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