Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Protecting Intellectual Property in today’s world is a complex process.

Let our experienced Commercial Lawyers assist you to find the best solution to protect your products and services.

We undertake the following applications:-

  • Trademark Applications
  • Patent Applications
  • Copyright protection


If you need protection for your Goodwill, a clause can be inserted into an agreement as follows:

  • Employee contracts can have a “Protection of Goodwill” clause
  • Agreements to sell/purchase a business can have a Restraint of Trade clause and can be used effectively to protect your rights. An example of this would be if you are the Purchaser of a business and wish to restrict a Vendor from opening a similar business using the same practices and processes within a specified time (maybe 3 years) or a geographic region (say within 5 kms) of the business.
  • Confidentiality Agreements can be signed before divulging your unique business and manufacturing practices and processes to other interested parties. These may include client lists, stock control, costing of products and production and staff lists.

Disputes may arise from many situations such as infringement of Intellectual Property including failure to pay correct royalty entitlements. We can vigorously challenge claims against you.

If you are the holder of the Intellectual Property you can force a cessation of the breach and substantial damages can be sought.

If you are the user of Intellectual Property and damages for infringement have been sought against you, we can assist to negate or settle the claim and/or minimize the damages awarded.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Commercial and Litigation Lawyers on +61 3 9500 1722, request a cost estimate or email an enquiry.

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