Conveyancing – Purchases & Sales

Conveyancing, Purchases & Sales

Conveyancing during and after Coronavirus COVID-19

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We are able to facilitate remotely all types of conveyancing: –

  • Purchase and Sale of property
  • Purchase & Sale of Business  
  • Inter family or associated person transfers
  • Caveats
  • Lost Title Applications
  • All other applications at the Land Registry

We use and are registered for PEXA and Duties online.

At Cyngler Kaye Levy Lawyers our team of highly experienced Property Lawyers and Law Clerks can assist you in your property law matters.

Whether you are a Vendor or Purchaser, we can assist you with all manner of Property law related issues:-


A Residential or Commercial Property can often be the most valuable asset a person owns and therefore any transfer of that asset to another party needs to be conducted carefully to protect your rights and correctly carry out all your obligations required under the many different Acts and Regulations that govern property law.

Our firm is certified with PEXA, one of Australia’s online conveyancing settlement platforms. We also undertake stamp duty assessments via the Duties Online platform hosted by the SRO.

We undertake all action required to transfer your property including:-

  • Pre-auction advice regarding a Contract of Sale for Purchasers
  • Drawing & Engrossing the Contract of Sale for Vendors
  • Drawing & Engrossing the Vendor’s Statement (s32 Statement)
  • Drawing & Engrossing the Release of Deposit Statement (s27 Statement)
  • Applying for all necessary Certificates and Title searches
  • Drawing & Engrossing Caveat and lodging with Land Victoria
  • Liaising with the Vendor’s Solicitors or the Purchaser’s Solicitors
  • Liaising with your bank regarding a discharge of mortgage for Vendors and a new mortgage for Purchasers
  • Attendances on Owners Corporation Managers where the property falls under the Owners Corporation Act
  • Drawing & Engrossing Nomination forms
  • Drawing & Engrossing Transfer of Land
  • Drawing & Engrossing Goods Statement or Statutory Declaration for Stamp Duty purposes
  • For Commercial properties we advise on issues such as GST – going concern, leases etc.
  • Coordinating with all parties to arrange settlement
  • Drawing & Engrossing or perusing Statement of Adjustments
  • Attendance at settlement
  • Drawing and Engrossing Disposition and Acquisition Notices to the relevant authorities once settlement has taken place
  • Attendance on stamping & lodging the Transfer of Land

If you would like to view a checklist of things to consider when buying or selling a property, please click on the buttons below for a pop-up list.



At Cyngler Kaye Levy Lawyers we interface online with all government departments, conduct online property & title searches, as well as transact your settlement via the Econveyancing settlement platform PEXA.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Property Lawyers on +61 3 9500 1722, request a cost estimate or email an enquiry.

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